Honeywell HGuide

High-precision position measurement: With Honeywell’s ITAR free HGuide inertial sensors

Our extensive product portfolio also includes inertial measurement units from Honeywell. The HG4930 and HGuide i300 IMUs feature standard digital interfaces and are designed for versatile use in numerous areas. For application-specific requirements, IMUs are also available in different performance categories. They feature measurement ranges of ±16 g or ±20 g for the integrated accelerometers and ±400 °/s to ±490 °/s for the gyroscopes, which have a bias stability of 0.25 °/h to 5 °/h and an angular random walk between 0.04 °/√h and 0.25 °/√h.

These IMUs are also components of the INS/GNSS navigator systems HGuide n580 and HGuide n380. In addition to the inertial measurement units, these navigation systems are equipped with an internal GNSS receiver for integration of GPS, Galileo, BeiDou and GLONASS signals. Sensor fusion and smart data analysis by means of Kalman filters enable exact measurement of the position, orientation and speed of moving objects – which makes them ideal for use in trains, ships, motor vehicles or aircraft.


Honeywell HGuide

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Honeywell HG4930

6 DOF, ITAR free
Acceleration: ±20 g
Angular rates: 400 °/s
Output signal: Digital | RS-422

Honeywell HGuide n380

INS/GNSS Navigator, ITAR free
Position accuracy: 1 cm (RTK), SBAS 0.6 m
Heading: <0.08° Pitch/roll: <0.03°

Honeywell HGuide n580

INS/GNSS Navigator, ITAR free
Position accuracy: 1 cm (RTK), SBAS 0.6 m
Heading: <0.05° Pitch/roll: <0.015°

Honeywell i300

9 DOF, ITAR free
Acceleration: ±16 g
Angular rates: 490 °/s
Output signal: Digital | RS-422, CAN, 5V TTL

Honeywell Q-Flex QA3000

Uniaxial, Q-MEMS
Measurement range: ±60 g
Resolution: 1 µg
Temperature range: –
Stability: K1: < 250 ppm | K0: < 0.125 mg

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Anzahl Achsen
Temperatur min - max

ASC 5421MF

Triaxial, capacitive
Measurement range: ±2 to ±200 g
Noise density: 10 to 680 µg/√Hz
Frequency range (±5 %): DC to 1800 Hz

ASC P401A15

Uniaxial, IEPE
Measurement range: ±50 to ±500 g
Frequency range (±10 %): 0.5 Hz to 15 kHz
Scale factor: 10 mV/g to 100 mV/g