Meet Lucas Maier

Our people are our most critical asset. That’s why we take great care in selecting not only the best expertise, but also the right mindsets; professionals who enjoy the diversity of client needs and embrace creative problem-solving. Meet one of them – our Head of Production.

What’s your role and key responsibilities at ASC?

I rejoined ASC in January this year as Head of Production and Deputy Head of the company’s Calibration Lab. Now, I should explain that I already used to work for ASC in the latter capacity previously. Therefore, I’m very familiar with all calibration and production tasks and comfortable taking on new responsibilities.

What made you come back to ASC?

I used to work here for five years until 2020, learning ‘the trade’ of inertial sensors, developing an understanding for the business and our customers, and acquiring a range of additional technical skills. Then an opportunity presented to expand and diversify my education outside ASC, get exposed to yet new clients and other parts of the business including sales, customer support, project management – all of which highly relevant to what I’m doing today.

As a young professional, I grabbed that development opportunity. However, I always wanted to return to a business with great spirit where the customer is absolutely at the center. And based on all these accumulated insights and experiences, I feel I can now add deeper value to ASC’s customers.

What’s your background?

I grew up on a farm in Bavaria. From early childhood onwards, I’ve been helping my parents to solve all sorts of practical tasks and problems including the repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment, our farmhouse and outbuildings.

After graduating from school, I trained as an apprentice electrical engineer for energy and facility technologies. However, I felt a need to develop a more robust understanding of what’s behind important work processes. So I went back to professional education, then joined ASC while continuing my courses and exams to eventually graduate as a certified electrical engineer. Today, this combination of self-taught skills, my ability to embrace new challenges plus what I learned at schools and on the job makes me a well-rounded business partner for clients.

What aspect of your work do you like best?

The best about my work is arriving in the morning and literally finding everyone on the team in a friendly, helpful mood. I can always rely on my colleagues to team up and support each other in solving the toughest problems together.

How do you approach difficult challenges?

Trough collaboration on the one hand. In addition, we need to be patient, take time and ask the right questions to properly understand the customer’s need. It’s critical to identify the true core of a problem to be able to solve it. Our aim is always to create plug and play solutions that fit with existing infrastructure and processes. So that our clients can continue to focus on running their business and rely on us to look after these details.

What does “success” mean for you?

Success for me means achieving my personal and professional targets. In a business context, to succeed in completing a major project often requires achieving intermediate milestones as well as constantly learning from the insights gained and adapting the approach.

What can ASC clients expect from you?

That I always do my best to build the highest quality solution customized to your purpose; and then we’ll often continue to partner to push quality and value of your results even higher.

Who are you when you’re not working?

I enjoy hiking, skiing and boldering. And I love visiting my parents in the countryside where I find a great environment to relax, escape the hectic city life and ground myself.

My father, meantime, deals in antiques which gives me ample opportunity to help repair old furniture and all sorts of devices; while my mum looks after the garden. In both areas I can help fix, maintain and improve things. The question I often ask myself is: “What else can I optimize to maximize the outcomes?”

This ambition runs through my life like a red thread. I always love it when a customer presents a completely novel challenge to solve. As I know we will solve it.


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Anzahl Achsen
Anzahl Achsen
Temperatur min - max
Temperatur min - max

ASC 4221MF

Uniaxial, capacitive
Measurement range: ±2 to ±200 g
Noise density: 10 to 680 µg/√Hz
Frequency range (±5 %): DC to 2900 Hz


Uniaxial, capacitive
Measurement range: ±2 to ±400 g
Noise density: 7 to 400 µg/√Hz
Frequency range (±5 %): DC to 2000 Hz