Honeywell Q-Flex QA3000


Product Information

Q-Flex® QA3000 accelerometers are based on patented quartz MEMS technology from Honeywell. The integrated electronic circuitry enables an analog current output signal. QA3000 accelerometers are available in three performance categories and feature a resolution of less than 1 µg and excellent long-term stability of the scale factor (K1: 80 ppm to 250 ppm) and bias (K0: 40 µg to 125 µg).

Due to their excellent performance the sensors are categorized as inertial navigation grade and are used as a reference in numerous applications, including inertial navigation systems in aviation and aerospace technology.

Export regulation:
In the marketing region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, ASC GmbH is the authorized distributor of Q-Flex® accelerometers from Honeywell. An export license from the USA is required for the sensors.


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Anzahl Achsen
Temperatur min - max

ASC 5425MF

Triaxial, capacitive
Measurement range: ±2 to ±200 g
Noise density: 10 to 680 µg/√Hz
Frequency range (±5 %): DC to 2900 Hz

ASC P203A11

Triaxial, IEPE
Measurement range: ±50 to ±2000 g
Frequency range (±10 %): 1.0 Hz to 9 kHz
Scale factor: 2.5 mV/g to 100 mV/g