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ASC 4411LN | Capacitive Accelerometers

Housing Material: Aluminium
Weight: 10g

ASC’s 4411LN and 4415LN accelerometers have the lowest spectral and broadband noise of the 44 series accelerometers. ASC’s LN (Low-Noise) accelerometers have an excellent Signal-to-Noise ratio, which is critical while performing demanding low-frequency, low-amplitude measurements.

ASC’s 4421MF and 4425MF accelerometers have a wide frequency response from 0 Hz to 7 kHz (±3 dB typ.) and are best suited for low to medium frequency measurements. ASC’s MF (Medium-Frequency) accelerometers have excellent resistance against repetitive shocks as high as 6000g and can work up to +125°C, even with voltages as low as +5VDC.

ASC’s 4421 and 4425 General accelerometers have excellent temperature stability and low power consumption.