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HZ1-90-100A | SYSTRON DONNER Drehratensensor / Gyro


Meßbereich: ± 90°/s
-40°C bis +71°C

Output Noise: </- 0.025°/s/Hz

Ideal for Industrial and Marine Applications:
• Antenna Stabilization & Pointing
• Platform Stabilization
• Factory Automation
• GPS Augmentation
• Instrumentation
• Underwater Motion Control

Key Performance Features:
• Compact, Lightweight Design
• High Reliability
• DC Input, DC Output Operation
• Internal Power Regulation
• Low Drift
• Fast Start-Up

The Horizon™ is a compact, high reliability, solid-state angular rotation sensor designed for use by original equipment manufacturers (OEM).  It features a monolithic quartz sensing element, internal power regulation and a simple interface which provides a high-level +0.5 to +4.5 Vdc output signal.  Designed to operate from a +12 Vdc power supply, it also provides a +2.5 Vdc reference to allow for differential monitoring of the output.