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QRS14-0XXXX-102 | SYSTRON DONNER Drehratensensor / Gyro

± 50/ 100/ 200,/500°/s
-40°C bis +85°C
Output Noise: </- 0.02°/s/Hz

Ideal for Precision Industrial Applications: 
• Platform Stabilization
• Short Term Navigation
• GPS Augmentation
• Camera Stabilization
• Instrumentation
• Ride Control Stabilization
• Wind Turbine Control

Key Performance Features:
• Solid State
• Compact, Lightweight Design
• Wide Temperature Range
• DC Input/High-Level DC Output
• Internal Power Regulation
• High Reliability
• Shock Resistant

The QRS14 is a compact, rugged, solid-state inertial sensor used to measure angular rotation rates.  It features a monolithic quartz sensing element, internal power regulation and DC input/high-level DC output operation.  Two versions are available.  The +12 Vdc version features a high-level +1.0 to +4.0 Vdc output, and operation from standard battery power.  The plus and minus15 Vdc version provides a high-level bipolar output of 5 Vdc, and is designed for use with conventional double-sided power supplies.