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SDG1400-200-100 | SYSTRON DONNER Drehratensensor / Gyro

± 200°/sec.
-55°C bis +85°C
Output Noise: </- 0.0017°/s/Hz

Ideal for AHRS and High Performance Commercial Applications: 
• Primary AHRS
• Secondary Standby Attitude Indicator Systems
• Short-Term Navigation
• Aircraft Flight Control
• Platform Stabilization & Pointing
• Instrumentation
• Robotics

Key Performance Features:
• Exceptional Bias Stability
• DC Voltage Input/High-Level Analog DC Voltage Output
• Rugged Construction in a Very Small Form Factor
• High Reliability & Long Life
• Internal Temperature Sensors
• Adaptable – No Software Required

The SDG1400 is a single-axis angular rate sensor that provides exceptional performance with Systron Donner Inertialʼs proven Quartz MEMS sensing element and fully self-contained electronics. By applying design techniques found only in more expensive rate sensors, excellent Bias Stability, Temperature Performance, Noise, and Vibration performance levels have been achieved. The availability of the internal temperature sensors enable bias modeling.