Successful worldwide. At home in Germany.

ASC is a leading manufacturer of high-precision inertial sensors. Our success is genuinely founded on customer orientation, because we adapt every sensor to the exact requirements of the particular application. If none of our sensors meet your requirements, we will also be glad to develop a custom tailored sensor solution.

Maximum precision for the highest standards

ASC sensors are available in analog, digital and smart versions. All sensors are designed for high-precision inertial measurements, which makes them popular with engineers throughout the world. Well-known enterprises use our accelerometers, gyroscopes and tilt sensors in extremely demanding applications: For example, they ensure the efficient operation of wind turbines, monitor bridge structures or rail networks and provide valuable data for the design of motor vehicles and ships, as well as for automotive safety. In this way, our products make an important contribution to the functional safety of components, vehicles and machines.

The future starts with ASC sensors

In addition, our inertial sensors and smart sensor systems allow the development of innovative technologies. ASC AiSys® smart sensor systems are ideal for numerous predictive maintenance and condition monitoring applications that would have been inconceivable in the past. Another application is the modeling of digital twins for the optimization of product development cycles, production processes or construction planning. The capability of the sensors to acquire, process and network huge data quantities creates numerous other options for industrial applications. Our analog sensors likewise contribute to technological process on a daily basis – such as our capacitive accelerometers, which are used in shock and vibration tests to measure the durability of high-voltage batteries for electric vehicles, and in numerous tests of ADAS driving systems.

„Our customers get not only a sensor,
but an individual complete sensor solution for their application.“

Always a step further

Our engineers develop sensor solutions for the future.

Smart sensors systems, for example, which analyse huge data volumes in order to enable AI-based concepts such as the smart factory, smart maintenance and smart shipping.

Represented in all industries

Our technology allows safe and comfortable travel for millions of people worldwide, efficient production processes in manufacturing companies, and optimal output from wind power plants. ASC sensors are used in shipping and aviation as well as in automation technology, rail traffic, at construction sites and in the automotive sector. And those are just a few examples.

Custom solutions are standard to us

ASC will deliver exactly the sensor solution that you need for your application. We offer one-off production of your custom-tailored product, which is something you cannot expect of most manufacturers. Nothing is too much trouble for us: Our specialists always find a way.

The customer is king

At ASC, the focus is on you. Our engineers, customer consultants and sales employees are always open to your requirements, suggestions and criticism. Short distances and production facilities in Germany are your guarantee for a timely response to every request.

We also offer extensive services – such as calibration and repairs. On request, we can also implement the entire engineering process for your custom-tailored sensor.

Strong partners. Strong business.

Trust and respect are for us basic requirements for successful cooperation. On this basis we established a global network of distributors in 2006, and it is constantly growing. ASC is a strong and reliable partner who offers innovative sensor solutions that can also benefit you.


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Anzahl Achsen
Anzahl Achsen
Temperatur min - max
Temperatur min - max

ASC 5411LN

Triaxial, capacitive
Measurement range: ±2 to ±400 g
Noise density: 7 to 400 µg/√Hz
Frequency range (±5 %): DC to 2000 Hz

ASC P101A15

Uniaxial, IEPE
Measurement range: ±50 to ±1000 g
Frequency range (±10 %): 0.3 Hz to 10 kHz
Scale factor: 5 mV/g to 100 mV/g